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Sie Przelewa Series

SIE PRZELEWA Starter Pack – set of everyday filter coffee



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The SIĘ PRZELEWA series of coffee is made for those in a hurry or who enjoy more specific things. We won’t judge your coffee taste. We support all coffee lovers, so we roasted a hell of an everyday filter coffee. It is uncomplicated – because we wanted it to be this way. Stay carefree and bring it along your journey to always be ready for a caffeine kick! Effortless Speciality!

Four variants, from the most classic, chocolate and nutty KLASYK, through syrupy sweet TROPIK, delicately tea-like KWIAT, to the blast of fruity and crisp flavours in OWOC.

This set is for making it easier for you to find your daily coffee, or just drink a different filter coffee every day. Bon Appetit!

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The set contains our Się Przelewa series specialities:

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