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HAYB DARK Espresso Starter Pack – set for espresso


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Weight: 300g, Roasting profile: Espresso roast

Perfect coffee for an automatic coffee machine?

We have it all!

Quite frankly – we bet our DARK series set hits a 20/20 when it comes to automatic coffee machines. Looking for your daily taste? This one will solve the mystery of a cup for a day!

HAYB DARK Espresso Starter Pack is made out of 4 packages of coffee, 250g each making it a true kilogram of fine coffee! It makes a perfect starting point to choose your favourite flavour or become a solid gift, a new buying option, or… you choose!

You will be welcomed by the well-known flavours from the classics – but slightly sparked towards sweet and chocolate. We recommend this variant for homemade Espresso, Americano, and milk coffee – each of these will be tasty! The extended roast increases the feeling of sweetness and fullness while reducing acidity even more.

We have selected four different coffees for the set – our best sellers in the DARK versions and our most Italian espresso, the Black Espresso Blend.

This one will steal your heart for those who like expressive, sweet and dessert cups! Low acidity, high body and great potential to combine with milk.

If you want to try something more fruity, we recommend the HAYB Espresso Single Origin Starter Pack – compare them and give yourself a monthly dose of coffee!
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EN: The bundle includes the following:

And if you would like to compare them with something completely different, you can also throw in the 5th pack at a promotional price – you can choose from:

Remember – it’s worth trying as much as possible!