Non-alcoholic beer

Non-Alcoholic Beer – Coffee Point Five – HAYB x Funky Fluid vol.2


You won’t believe it’s non-alcoholic

Together with Funky Fluid brewery, we made a beer that has a lot of flavors, a lot of coffee, and no alcohol.

We’ve made more than one beer with Funky Fluid, and it’s not all about socializing – the results of our work together are always something cool. It’s no surprise – the FF guys know how to make good beer.

The last non-alco beers we did with Funky Fluid were great, we have a feeling this new one is even greater – we went back to our first idea, but refreshed it and tightened the coffee screw!

The new Coffee Point Five is a super aromatic (non-alcoholic) New England IPA with the addition of Brazilian Cerrado Patrocinio. There’s more coffee this time and it’s more coffee-like. What did this result in? The Brazilian coffee has bumped up the bitterness a bit, giving us a more beer-like beer.

And still, without alcohol – the outdoor sports season is starting, and we can already see how beautifully this will ride in after the spring cycling!

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Nutritional values in 100ml:

Calories 30 kcal
Total Fat <0,1 g
Saturated Fat 0 g
Carbohydrates 6,3 g
Total sugars 2,5 g
Protein 0,4 g
Salt <0,01 g


Packaging: 330ml can.Contains barley malt, wheat malt, rye malt, oat flakes, wheat flakes.The beer contains small amounts of caffeine.Non-alcoholic beer: pale, unfiltered, pasteurized.Alc. content <0,5% abv.