Ciudad Bolivar, Antioquia
Crop height
1400 - 2000 m n.p.m.
Botanical variety
Anaerobic 96h (Honey)
Q score
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Speciality Single Origin

Competition Coffee #002/2023: Colombia La Colombia Geisha



Preferred preparation methods


Elegant and no frills…

Does the Competition series always have to be fireworks, quirks and craziness? Not always.

Sometimes in coffee we are seduced by elegance and delicacy, as in this Geisha from Colombia. As befits this variety, we are dealing with something extremely velvety, delicate and smooth.

Despite the anaerobic processing, you won’t find ferment, notes of overripe fruit or kombucha here. It’s clean and sweeter than usual.

As for the farm itself – Finca La Colombia is part of the Cafe Lumbus family that owns and operates 5 medium to large farms in the Ciudad Bolivar area of Antioquia. They focus on the production of specialty coffees and do it with attention to quality, the environment and the community.

The farm has a total of 130 hectares, but only 65 hectares are used for coffee production. 30 ha are forested areas, and another 40 ha in the upper part of the farm is a protected nature reserve for native species and a water source. As many as 120 families use the water source in this area. The farm is fertilized with organic compounds and legumes are planted alongside coffee to help fix nitrogen in the soil.

It is a real pleasure to work with a coffee that is made with such care, it all translates into its elegant and balanced profile with lots of sweetness and fruity, tropical notes!


The author of the recipes and stories Dawid Zadara, Head Roaster of HAYB Specialty Coffee Roaster from Warsaw.
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Sensory profile

  • Orange Candy
  • Peaches
  • Citrus Zest

Our coffees from the Speciality Single Origin series are now packaged in accordance with their leading sensory profile – for ease of use, we have divided the flavors into 6 categories (5 + special) and we give points on each of them (below, 0-100). Check how exactly your coffee will taste!

Floral 40
Tropical 60
How to prepare coffe?

Competition Coffee #002/2023: Colombia La Colombia Geisha

23. clicks (Comandante)
300ml / 96*C
60ml / 40s
Pour up to 150 / 300ml at 0:40 and 1:15, and end at 1:45. Stir twice with the pour-over after each sesh.
27-30. clicks (Comandante)
200ml / 96*C
1:30 / 2:00
Reverse method. Pour 100 ml of water, add coffee and add the remaining 100 ml. Stir 5 times, spin and wait until 1:30.