Anserma, Caldas
Crop height
1700 m n.p.m.
Botanical variety
Anaerobic (Natural) (Natural)
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Speciality Single Origin

Colombia Santa Ana



Preferred preparation methods


Longing for Colombia!

Last year we made our first trip to a country where coffee grows – and this year we dream of a second one and we would like it to be Colombia.

Coffees such as Santa Ana are a perfect example of the craftsmanship, knowledge, and determination of farmers from this country.

The beans come from the Anserma cooperative – the farmers sell the coffee to purchasers and it is processed there. This place is managed by Luis Miguel and he initiated the natural processing in the cooperative.

One of the investments made was the Nuna Coffee drying machine, which allows you to regulate the temperature and humidity during coffee drying. It is one of the first machines of this type in this part of Colombia, where you have to face the extreme challenges of the ever-changing Andean climate.

Luis Miguel has chosen several local producers known for their quality, they get more than the normal market price for the product. These are the first steps of the cooperative, which are to improve the efficiency of the already associated producers and allow the joining of new ones.

We ordered Castillo beans. After harvesting and sorting, the coffee is washed and placed in sealed barrels for 96 hours of fermentation. It is then dried in the aforementioned dryer for 100-120 hours at a temperature of 35-40 degrees Celsius.

Santa Ana is a breath of Colombia in a great edition – we wish we were there now!

The author of the recipes and stories Dawid Zadara, Head Roaster of HAYB Specialty Coffee Roaster from Warsaw.

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Sensory profile

  • Lime
  • Wild Strawberry
  • American Hops

Our coffees from the Speciality Single Origin series are now packaged in accordance with their leading sensory profile – for ease of use, we have divided the flavors into 6 categories (5 + special) and we give points on each of them (below, 0-100). Check how exactly your coffee will taste!

Floral 33
Berry 33
Tropical 34
How to prepare coffe?

Colombia Santa Ana

23. clicks (Comandante)
300ml / 96*C
60ml / 40s
Pour up to 150 / 300ml at 0:40 and 1:15, and end at 1:45. Stir twice with the pour-over after each sesh.
27-30. clicks (Comandante)
200ml / 96*C
1:30 / 2:00
Reverse method. Pour 100 ml of water, add coffee and add the remaining 100 ml. Stir 5 times, spin and wait until 1:30.